Everyone starts in the same place:
Bunny Boot Camp intro class.
Our 2019 is going to be even more amazing when you are part of it...

Our program is unique because our youth-led organization uses a service-learning model that encourages everyone to share what they know.
We want you to ask questions, to make educated guesses, to figure out ways to test your hypothesis, and to share what you are excited about and what you are learning.

Everyone is a teacher and everyone serves.

Our aim is that by the fourth time you hear something, you should feel comfortable sharing what you're learning with others.


Help share with cues

NEW: Peacebunny Islands crew 2020
Applications open=
14-21 years old & adults to be registered with Sea Scouts. Must like camping, outdoor cooking.  Swimming & canoe skills test. Self-motivated & low maintenance. Ready to learn & serve. 
*Help train comfort rabbits
*Help bring guests to the smaller islands "Hope & Hoppiness"
* Supervise goats or rabbits on islands


Family Service Together

For youth and at least 1 parent

Peacebunny Cottage 
* Bunny Garden helpers
   Supervise the animals in the
   pasture & help welcome guests
* Gardening, mowing, fixing/painting
* Daily chores

Special Event Teams
* Peacebunny Unit
(College finals week, Senior Centers, Hospitals, Autism Spectrum, Grief)
*STEMbunnies Unit
(preschools, schools, camps, scouts

& lots of libraries)

E-STEM specialists & educators
Share your skills & experience
*Curriculum development
*Supervise projects
*Co-teach classes
*Day guest experts at farm or islands

Animal Care
For Vet & Vet Tech students Animal Science Majors
*Help with Little Vet class (< 3rd gr)
*Help with Future Vet class (>3rd gr)

STATE FAIR: Team STEMbunnies
Serve a shift during the 12 days of
the Great Minnesota Get-Together.
*Rabbit competition over Labor Day weekend.  Come celebrate with us!

Summer Interns: 8th grade +
Rolling admission until April 20