What is S.T.E.M. ?

The STEM acronym is used to describe an educational focus to prepare students for college and ultimately for careers in four interrelated academic disciplines:


STEM education can be an interdisciplinary or trans-disciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world problem-based and performance-based lessons. At this level, STEM education exemplifies the axiom "the whole is more than the sum of the parts." 


Students are invited to start exploring these content  areas by observing and playing with rabbits.  This very cute and sweet fuzzy package draws kids into an informal learning process that encourages students to  make observations, ask questions, make educated guesses, do research, figure out how to test their ideas, complete projects/tests, manipulate data, and then communicate results. 


We provide the starting point, encouragement and resources to help students begin an exciting adventure as they fall into the "STEM rabbit hole of learning."

Why don't you incorporate A for ARTS  in  S.T.E.A.M. ??

Actually we do.  But "STEAM bunnies" sounds nafarious.
So we stick with the name STEM even though we do a lot with arts.  HA!

What sets us apart is that our program is inspired by and led by other kids who are surrounded by caring adults, educators and animal scientists.  


We aim to introduce/reinforce grade-appropriate learning while kids play with rabbits.  We help students build on what they find interesting. STEM Bunnies programs and the business is run by youth with the supervision and support of adults.

Our inquiry-based learning helps guide students to formulate good questions, design ways to test their hypothesis and learn from their research.  Our experts help students find resources and do observations rather than simply answer the questions.

Our curriculum path will include:

1) Bunny Boot Camp intro (3rd grade+)

2) STEM Bunnies Lab : 8 week curriculum (40 lessons)

3) STEM Bunnies Service Learning : 50 hours at community events

4) STEM bunnies I (5 day camp -- Business or Science focus)

5) STEM bunnies II (5 day camp -- Agility Course Engineering)

6) Pets, Animal Science boy scout badges

7) STEM ASAP (7th grade+) Animal Science Apprenticeship Program
    4 month increments for each level.  Launching 2017 raising Angora rabbits

8) College STEM internships (paid positions) available summer 2018