Peacebunny Cottage

We are so grateful to all the farmers across the country who support the mission of STEMbunnies.  Caleb Smith (14) is the founder of our nonprofit and the farmer who continues to share his rabbits with us so we can share them with others.

We are also especially grateful for the owners of this gorgeous farm we call the Peacebunny Cottage. It is located in the southwest Twin Cities metro area of Minneapolis/Saint Paul Minnesota, USA. 

As the year-round home for many of the rabbits you see at events, it is also now the main host site for training our volunteers & foster families.  This summer we are also offering a new farm camp.  See our list of events.

To protect all the animals at the farm & our youth volunteers, thank you for not visiting unless you are registered for a class, and only going where you have permission.  This truly is a working farm-- following the farmers' rules will help keep everyone safe, so thank you in advance.

Each season brings a different beauty and we are excited to see the pastures transform again into an amazing green playground for the bunnies to munch dandelions, orchard grass, barley and other green yummies we plant in the spring.  The smell of spring is in the air!