Upcoming Events

Bunny Garden at Peacebunny Cottage
1 hour educational playdates on most Sunday nights.  Check for schedule

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Upcoming Classes

Kids "Little Vet" Class

1.5 hours  1-2:30 PM

Minnesota State Fair 2019
Visit the Peacebunny page for latest updates on their schedule.


STEMbunnies does not  host a booth at the fair.  However, stop by the rabbit competitions in the Sheep/Poultry building and look for Caleb Smith's rabbits (from his rabbitry called Peacebunny Island). 

Come visit with some STEMbunnies volunteers (in orange) who love helping answer questions.

The main island is not a tourist site.  Some of our volunteers (all over 14 yrs old) help train comfort rabbits there.  Subscribe to Peacebunny Island.com to stay informed about contests to win a trip and about potential visits to their islands downstream called Hope & Hoppiness