Imagine a safe haven, a wonderful sweet home where our some of our rabbits and their caretakers can play and share their day together...

What if youth could play and dream and imagine while exploring the world around them to share with other youth...

What if Middle School kids served as the protectors of the natural environment of the Island, and the primary decision-makers...

What if our community could learn to appreciate the importance of biodiversity and help ensure that the heritage endangered breeds do not go extinct?...

The vision is coming true.

"Peacebunny Islands Inc." is a
youth-run rabbitry that is home to the rabbits used in our educational programs.  We are separate entities but obviously great partners!

While we continue to house the rabbits at the Peacebunny Cottage, the actual islands in Newport MN USA will be a place for telling the story of the rabbits and things our youth are learning.  To help preserve the natural state of the main island, we are committed to maintaining the  natural, undeveloped oasis rather than creating a public tourist site.

With the 4 month pilot complete and the island now purchased, Caleb's plan is to continue to create funding streatms to help make the STEMbunnies
vision is sustainable while we share HUGS, HOPE & HOPPINESS through the STEMbunnies traveling program.


Signing Party
Paxton Peacebunny
22 Acre island
Newport, MN USA
SS Peacebunny
Bunny Hugs!!
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Signing Party