Bunny Boot Camp

Come to Peacebunny Cottage for our 1.5 hour introductory class for adults and families that serves as a fun, hands-on introduction to rabbit anatomy & to home care for the rabbits in our program.

It also serves as a prerequisite for those who wish to volunteer AND our Foster First program.

Come to one of our classes open to the public to attend OR contact us to schedule a private class for your group, scout troop etc.

pet bluebarry c.jpg

Class Content:

What makes a rabbit a rabbit - anatomy
4C's: Calm Caring Consistent Control
Playtime ideas
Feeding & Water
Housing: "Bunny Proof" your area
Safe carrying 
Simple grooming
Litter box training
Basic injury & illness prevention



We won't be teaching serious rabbit issues like diseases or showing graphic photos, but we will reinforce that ownership of a rabbit is a long-term responsibility and that a relationship that should be entered into "with eyes wide open." 

Wellness is more than being free from sickness:  We want to ensure that our animals entrusted to a family and those who are already "rabbit pet parents" have the best experience possible.  We stress consistent daily upkeep and prevention techniques. 


After completion, each child in the family may request to receive a certificate.  For some families, this class was "just enough" while others may wish to apply to FOSTER FIRST in their home, volunteer... 

This class is just the beginning to meet us and find out about service learning opportunities with STEMbunnies.