Invite us to your special event
or join us at Peacebunny Cottage

Tickets to our Educational Playdates with our bunnies at Peacebunny Cottage
Visiting by appointment/online ticket only once we re-open.

All events remain currently on hold due to COVID-19. 

Fingers crossed for later this summer.

Bunny Garden on Sunday nights.
(1 hour in the pasture watching over and interacting with our rabbits).  Weather alerts: Those who registered, please check your  email for an update if forecast rain or heat > 82 degrees F


 Bunny Boot Camp Intro
(1.5 hour training for potential volunteers & foster families)
Greet a stuffed animal, then progress to  safely & calmly interacting with real rabbits.  Learn how to care for one of our foster rabbits: providing food/water, playtime & stimulation; carrying and transporting; health and wellness general information; basic anatomy.

Little Vet
(1.5 hour program about animal medical careers with hands on stuffed animal stations)
Draw liquid in a syringe without a needle 
Measure liquid and fill fake prescriptions with clamps and tweezers

Perform well check, weigh and measure
Look at x-rays of animal and human bones
Prep and stitch your stuffed animal in "surgery"
Plus some hands on time gently playing with real rabbits


About our Youth-led Program

1) Preserved and Loved Rabbits

2) Prepared, Inspired & Engaged STEM Students

Through  inquiry-based service learning program that benefits rabbits,  we inspire student interest and inclusively increase skill proficiency in *E-STEM content areas while meeting the Family Assets.  (E-STEM stands for Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

* Preserve Endangered Heritage Breed Rabbits
* Prevent Pet Abandonment
* Prepare  & Engage Students Outdoors in E-STEM learning
* Provide Service and Connections in the Community

Please email us if you might be interested in hosting a future program after COVID19 restrictions are lifted.

Bunny Garden

1 hour Playdate

Foster / Volunteer

Bunny Boot Camp


20 Minutes of JOY


Sharing your special day


Classes, scouts, libraries


 Animal Assisted Therapy
& Memory Care


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