Hey -- thanks SO MUCH for your interest in helping our organization and a kids vision.

We regret that they deferred our participation in the KIND Causes contest for one month. UGH.

We met a ton of people at the Forbes Under 30 Summit, the Minnesota Cup, and JA Banquet and other events  who said they'd vote and help share our link. 

We are completely bummed that now we need to wait until November and hope that people will make a note to remind themselves to come check on us again.

We hope you'll stop by again next month on Nov 10 and check this page for other ways you
can help support Caleb's entrepreneurial spirit, "Wachamacallit" and the other bunnies...

But for today, please copy one of our "Some-bunny special" messages below
and share it through social media, which will also help get the word out
about this sweet venture. ...and share some joy with your friends.