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Help us take care of the rabbits in the STEM Bunnies program, many of which are purebred pedigreed endangered rabbits.  This team learns how to help with Health Care Checks, "Hare Salon" appointments, feeding, general cleaning and as a bonus get to be around some baby bunnies.  They are actively engaged with the foster families in check-in and check out as well as training

BABY & MOMMA BUNNY TEAM: We partner with rabbit breeders who are helping to ensure the preservation of these heritage breeds which creates some opportunities also to help with pregnant does, delivery observation, baby bunny care etc.  To be selected to have hands-on time with unweaned babies, you must have completed additional training and be approved by the breeder who has sole authority over his/her own animals.


Throughout the spring and summer we are regularly out and about sharing the rabbits with community events, schools, churches, homeschool co-ops, corporate events and family parties for kids.  This team develops confidence to share rabbit and STEM facts with their peers and younger students, first by helping and finally through leading educational sessions. 

Help serve on the team that directs the business of STEM Bunnies.  Get hands on experience running our business, working on budget, grant-writing, publicity, website development, creating videos, social media, etc.  This is a KID-RUN business with help from caring adults, so if you haven't graduated from college and these kinds of things excite you, we would love to find a way to put you to work and build your resume!

RABBIT HELPERS:  2nd Grade to 6th Grade
Seeking ten students with at least one parent to volunteer
25 hours this spring/summer


We are currently recruiting a cohort of 5th to 8th graders and a cohort of 9th grade to graduating seniors (Deadline for Round 1 Applications: April 15)

PREREQUISITE:  Attend the first hands-on training at Bunny Boot Camp with at least one parent/guardian

SUBMIT AN APPLICATION: After Boot Camp, if you'd like to be considered for our program, submit an application to be considered.  

Those selected will receive our program's summer schedule.     Select which events you wish to attend and then visit with our Community Engagement Coordinator who will help carve out a program to meet your service learning goals.   Our expectation is that  the participant will volunteer at least 50 hours with our organization which will also ensure the most benefit from this ongoing mentoring opportunity. We also hope that all participants will qualify for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award,  and we are pleased to complete the paperwork as a qualified Certifying Organization.

Most events/volunteer opportunities require a 3 hour commitment. Some of the events already scheduled include the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, the MN Pet Expo, the Hennepin County Fair and MInnesota State Fair. We also have several ongoing events like egg hunts,  birthday parties, STEM Bunnies spring garden.   We also  are seeking help during baby bunny care.  We breed endangered heritage rabbit breeds so we are fully engaged in spring pregnancy and delivery right now. 

Although not required, those students who participated in a regional science fair are invited to bring science fair board to certain activities and would be invited to give an 5-10 minute program to share about the project.

A parent  should plan to stay on site.  We also really encourage you to participate with the student and to share this experience together.   After 15 hours of service-learning together,  the family can elect to  complete a new permission slip which allows other screened adult volunteers to serve as site supervisor .

YOUNG SCIENTISTS may also participate in the ANIMAL CARE TEAM or the BUSINESS LEADERSHIP TEAM or may get a taste of both.  We will work with you to craft this experience.

COST: There is no cost to attend any events except potentially for parking or if you wish to buy souvenirs or food or if you formally join 4H (not required).  Many in our group choose to bring lunch and snacks 


All potential volunteers start with attending "Bunny Boot Camp"  and completing screening form.

Click on link to sign up to help at events.  New responsibilities &  opportunities come as you gain more skills and experience.

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