Classroom Rabbit Success Stories

Kids and bunnies can be a perfect match when caring adults supervise ---
and it can be a great recipe for learning! To help ensure the most positive experience for your rabbit, for your students and for you, we have some resources available to teachers through each step below.

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2- Prepared Teacher/Helper
A: Attend Bunny Boot Camp / Teacher Fun Day
(Live or skype session)  Learn what you need to know... 
Suggested breeds?  What age? 
What gender? Finding Breeders? 
What size cage?  Suppliers?
What to feed it?  How much?  When?     Feed/Hay Suppliers?  Curriculum STEM integration  ideas?
Safety issues?    Inclusive activity ideas?

B: Buy/Acquire needed supplies
      $75 Classroom Pet Grants for Teachers: 

     Applications opened August 1st
C: Contact Breeder and get your rabbit
     (or enroll to participate virtually)
D: Develop plan to integrate into curriculum. 
      We have lots of suggestions

1- Happy Bunny

Start with a healthy, happy rabbit then keep it that way. 
Get trained at Bunny Boot Camp.

Check out our a rabbit like a library book -- get the cage and enough food/hay for one month.   Make a monthly "Hare Salon"  appointment to bring in the rabbit for a health/hygiene check and to pick up another month of supplies.  Then simply return the rabbit, cage and supplies as arranged or at the end of the school year.  

A: Get a rabbit directly from local reputable breeders who will be
    an ongoing resource to you.   Our rabbits are purebred,   
    pedigreed  rabbits that have plenty of hands on interaction with
    children.  Our breeders guarantee that it's currently healthy, not
   pregnant, good with kids etc. Rather than buying a rabbit,
  foster one of the STEM Bunnies.  We also have 24 hour support     if you have questions or think your bunny is sick/hurt.

B: Provide for your bunny's needs (safety, food, water, clean
    shelter, place to play, stimulation, preventative healthcare).
    Teachers/classroom parent(s) attend Bunny Boot Camp and
    pass this on to the class.  If your bunny gets sick or hurt, call
    our emergency phone line and we will meet you to pick it up. 
    STEM Bunnies assumes responsibility for all vet expenses.

C: Provide a fun, enriching experience for this sweet animal.
    We share plenty of ideas & opportunities for keeping it happy.

D:Find a family for holidays/summer or turn it back in
    STEM bunnies takes our rabbits back when you're finished.

3 - Engaged Students
A: Schedule a STEM Bunnies classroom visit from one of our networking breeders OR plan or Farm  Fieldtrip to visit a Breeder OR schedule a skype  session with one of our breeders

B:  Bring a rabbit into your classroom   

    Check out a rabbit OR participate in 2 month "Virtual 
    Bunny" experiences  (Follow a Momma Bunny for one   
    month while she's pregnant and then celebrate delivery 
    and the first month of life). 

C: Invite STEM career speakers from our network:
    Our youth speakers are AWESOME!

D: Teach STEM concepts and provide resources to  
to be able to reinforce them at home.

E:  Participate in the STEM Bunnies
      K-5 Spring Science Fair
  OR 4H Competitions
      Ask us about how to use our rabbits / resources for  
      encouraging science fair participation.  Invite us to be
      judges at YOUR science fair.