The rabbits you see at events hosted by the STEM Bunnies nonprofit organization are borrowed from "Peacebunny Island" rabbitry operated by 12 year old Caleb Smith.  These "celebrity" rabbits go to educational events all over the country and will defend titles at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. 

(Check us out over Labor Day!)

After hearing about a Northern Minnesota barn fire two years ago, Caleb  adopted some homeless angora rabbits into the thriving bunny business.  He had founded the educational nonprofit "STEM Bunnies" to share hugs and hoppiness with students and senior citizens.

Because angora fur grows one inch each month, “Peacebunny Island” rabbitry provides gentle haircuts four times a year with clippings to be commercially spun into “HEARTfelt” brand yarns (Humane, Eco-friendly, American-Raised Textiles).  Every ounce of angora fur he collects or buys from humane sources  has a guaranteed purchase, destined for top fashion designers who had pulled this luxury yarn from their lines in 2015 after documented animal cruelty overseas.  With champion bloodlines, eager investors, a humane model, and a growing farm network across the country, this kid-run business continues to multiply, just like the rabbits.

Peoples Choice Award
Minnesota Business Magazine

Good luck to Caleb, M'Shaela and Terr'eon and the team as they compete in the Minnesota Cup entrepreneur contest.  The finalsts are announced in late August...