Class:  Ruby Eye White  REW

International Ark of Taste


"Harley Quinn Davidson"


Class: White (Blue Eyes)

"Sinatra"    "Mia" 

"Chimmichonga"   "Chinnook"

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to find & photograph
    endangered rabbits

Our Other Breeds...

Cinnamon:  "Captain Phil"    "Cinnamon" 

Dwarf Hotot: "Tator Tot"

Flemish Giant:  "Fudge"  "Feisty"
Jersey Wooly: "Dakota"

Lionhead: "Hobo"


English Angora: "Earl"
French Angora (colored) "Amelia Ear Heart"  "Lindbergh"
                             "Wachamacallit"    "Chi"
French Angora: (White) "Herman"  "Periwinkle"
Giant Angora: "Paul Harris"

Continental: Coming this spring!!

Holland Lop: "Little John" 

Mini Rex: "Oreo"   
                 "Taffy"(abandoned in Taft park)
Rex:  "Elvis Rex"
Mix:  "Sir Hopsalot"    "Sherwood"

As proud members of the Livestock Conservancy, STEM Bunnies is working to ensure that these beautiful endangered breeds do not go extinct.
With fewer than 2000 rabbits registered worldwide of each breed, we showcase these breeds to help encourage people who are committed to raising a pet rabbit for 10 years to please choose these breeds...

            Inclusion Criteria:  "Critical," "Threatened" or  "Watch"

Blanc de Hotot

Class: White           (pronounced Oh-tote)

"Snow White"      "Nugget"

Silver Fox

Class: Black

International Ark of Taste  
"Loxy the Silver Foxy"

and  "Moxie"


 Class: Blue

International Ark of Taste


Class: Blue

"Blu"    "Beverly" 
Blu-barry" our agility bunny