Yes it's time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and its time to grow a beard and raise money for charity...except we're kids and our angora baby rabbits will grow facial forests before we do! 
So we signed up with our bunnies.

Hope you'll join in the fun and follow our
"Hockey Hare"
(TM) Playoffs  as kids and their rabbits from Minnesota, Anaheim, New York, Calgary and Chicago compete for all the glory in agility, showmanship, animal science quiz bowl, eating contests & all sorts of silliness...

Check back to some of our Hockey Hare contestants that we'll be showcasing by their brackets advancing through playoffs...and their amazing hair growth.  Check out before/after photos on this page!

*  Chicago Blackhawks
    " Chi Blackhocks" (black angora) 
     BTW  rabbit's back foot is called a hock
* Minnesota Wild
     "Wildman" (white angora)

* Anaheim Ducks
   "Wachamacallit Parros" named after George Parros

* Calgary Flames
   "Lanny McCalgary"  named after Lanny McDonald

* New York Rangers
  "Ranger Danger" (American white)

* Washington Capitols
    "Captain Blueberry"

* Tampa Bay Lightning
    "Lightning Spike"

* Montreal Canadiens
   "Habs Bileveau"


Share your favorite rabbit photos & videos for a chance to be included here.


during the NHL Playoffs

ROUND 2 Event:  Photo Contest
Enter by sending a hockey-themed photo of your rabbit by Saturday  May 9   (Email
Be sure to include your name, rabbits name, breed, gender, hometown, and your NHL team name. 
All entries are entered into drawing that takes place during the Stanley Cup Finals -- win a remote control zamboni!

 Flow Division (Agility Rabbits)

 Fan Favorite Division

Tribute Combo Division (Hair & Mustache)

Crazy Hare Division

May 5, 2015

May 5, 2015

March 20, 2015

March 20, 2015

Lanny McCalgary

Chi Blackhocks