Winter Update:

Just in time for Anna's birthday, the Peterson family has now formally adopted a forever bunny, a beautiful littler rescue that is a Netherland dwarf. 

1.   Sign up & complete Bunny Boot Camp [$35 ]
2.  Check with apartment/homeowner to ensure its ok to have an animal

     Complete and return the foster application emailed to you

3.  Get accepted into the Foster Program

4.  Mail in donation or complete online donation [$40] for first four weeks.

5.  Check-out: Rabbit is partnered with families.
    Take your bunny home and care for it while completing the STEM curriculum
6.  Set up "Hare Appointment" at 1 month to get rabbit's nails trimmed, health checkup,
7.  At your Hare Appointment, get next four weeks of food/hay for $40 ($10/wk)

7.  Check-in:  At two month mark, make arrangements to return everything to STEM Bunnies or to move forward with a ten year commitment to own a rabbit.

**If your family is unable to afford the full suggested donation listed here,
please email our organization [] to inquire about grants.

**Only those who have fostered for three months and have volunteered in our
bunny nursery are eligible to foster a pregnant or nursing Momma Bunny.


"To buy a bunny and get all supplies would be MUCH more expensive  and I'd be cleaning a cage for 10 years...  STEM Bunnies was a deal!"

"The kids were so excited when we 'checked out the bunny. 
I was just as excited when we returned all the supplies in six weeks."

"We fell in love with our bunny and we just couldn't send her back. 
We used the 'first dibs' deal and we bought her."

"It was great to know what to do and not have to worry about  anything because we could just call them or return the bunny when we went on vacation.   Peace of mind was priceless..."

"Honestly, I felt insulted when I wasn't allowed to buy a rabbit without fostering first.  Now I get it.  They want to keep rabbits from being abandoned, and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I probably would have done that too because yep,.two months was plenty!"

 "I was going to just get a rabbit on the internet, a bunny is a bunny, right?  But I was worried about getting it from some random person.  What if it was sick or had fleas or was pregnant?!. 

I was clueless before and this made me feel like someone was in my corner to make this a success.  This option was perfect for us .   It was just long enough and we don't want a year-round pet.  We're getting a different bunny to foster this spring again. " 

Three kids and a whole bunch of bunnies

We first met STEM bunnies at a church picnic two summers ago.  Later, we hosted a Bunny Birthday Party, attended Bunny Boot Camp, and then started fostering American rabbits last spring.  

Our family couldn't  wait to foster rabbits again! 

I love to foster bunnies because I love bunnies very, very, much, and I also think that it is so much fun!
My first litter of (endangered American breed)
bunnies that we fostered were Creampuff’s babies-
Olaf, Snowball, Ruthie, and Popeye.
During the next summer, Creampuff had another litter. 
We watched Nutmeg, Venom, Licorice, Prince and Princess grow."     

                                                  --  Anna (Grade 4)