Animal Welfare Best Practices

We wholeheartedly aim to exceed the following best practices/standards for animal welfare and public health

USDA Animal Welfare Act and Regulations (Blue Book -- page 82)
APHIS Animal Exhibitor information

USAH Exhibitor regulations
National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (Animal Contact Committee) Compendium


1) The USDA does not regulate rabbits as agricultural educational exhibits
2) The State of Minnesota does not register/license agriculture education exhibits

Keeping our rabbits and our guests safe:

  • We stress washing hands with soap and water before AND after our programs. Hand sanitizer is not ideal.
  • Guests are invited into the playpens if they are calm, sitting with blankets on laps
  • Pet with 2 or 3 fingers on their back going from head to tail.  Don't touch faces, ears or tails.
  • To prevent over-stimulation and heat issues, our rabbits are frequently rotated onto breaks.
     We may cancel an event or need to leave early with dangerous heat  (82 degrees+/humidity)
  •  We are committed to providing access to water and shade, non-chemically treated grass
  • Biosecurity:  Some of our endangered rabbits can't be touched or petted to keep them safe

         Baby bunnies are fragile and are only handled by trained staff or their owners.

  • Our bunnies are marked on their ears because they are purebred/pedigreed. Some are nationally  registered
  • Our rabbits participate in regular health checks and are quarantined when returning
    from events to prevent the rest of the colony getting exposed to risks.  

  • Rabbits do NOT get preventative shots for rabies.
  • We don't let our rabbits visit with rabbits that are not in our program or with other pets
  • Because we specialize in endangered heritage breeds, we do not spay/neuter those.
  • We don't sell rabbits unless families have fostered with us first or are registered with ARBA for over one year.
  • If you're thinking about buying a rabbit, please visit your local animal shelter/rescue
  • We reserve the right to remove our rabbits from situations we feel are unsafe or ask guests to leave our events
  • Guests are instructed: no fingers through the cage, don't feed or pick up the rabbits.