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Our organization was started after Caleb (who was nine years old at the time) went online with his parents  to find a bunny.  It had been about half a year since Snickers died, and Caleb was excited about finding another pet bunny.  
He didn't want to jump in on impulse so he started charting the different bunnies posted on Craigslist and with rescue groups .  Within several weeks he found over 350 bunnies being advertised, just in our metro area! 

He wanted to save them, but their family didn't live on a farm.  His parents gave him a challenge to figure out a way to stop this cycle of pet abandonment ...and that has led to our program trying to deter impulse rabbit buying by providing opportunities for people to learn about rabbits and to play with them without owning them for ten years.

Caleb's model was to identify families who would collectively hep care for bunnies  by rotating houses periodically, and then sharing the bunnies at special events to help educate other families about rabbits and to raise money for their care and identify new families.

So we partner with lots of rabbit owners (mostly kids) who are excited to share what they are learning with you and to bring the bunnies to spend time with you.  It is important to us to remind others that animals are not toys or photo props -- they have personalities and can get tired or annoyed just like humans can.  So we want to share the bunnies as long as it seems healthy and good for them too.

We will be attending many community and church led
Egg Hunts again this March where you can see our rabbits and maybe even have a sweet photo with them...but those large scale "meet and greet" events are not conducive to interacting.  So last spring we experimented with another format that we are offering again

We are also excited to host your family at our own traveling "Easter Bunny Garden" which will allow you to spend some hands-on time playing while learning rabbit facts and see a wide variety of breeds/ages.  We keep the numbers small to ensure plenty of interaction and to also make these events fun for our bunnies too!

A limited amount of "Easter Bunny Garden" tickets will be available starting early February for our March events that include an educational egg hunt of our own. 

.  We will continue to host our year-round programs including Bunny Boot Camp but we  added a few extra sessions to help meet the large demand we experienced last spring. ( Completing this class is a pre-requisite for you to be able to "check out" a rabbit, cage and supplies for up to 8 weeks).    This summer we will again host the Bunnies and Berries program at an organic farm in Hastings and in several states...  Lots of exciting things in the works!

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