Most of our STEM Bunnies activities fit into the AAA - "Animal Assisted Activities" category.  

Peacebunnies Unit

This special unit is made available to bring calm and peace.

Sometimes you just need some sweetness, or a little bubbly joy -- and fluffy bunny friends are a perfect fit.  We have several volunteers who have worked in disaster response and acute recovery.  We help facilitate the meeting with the bunnies, but the time is special primarily because of the animals not because we are providing anything besides the "ministry of presence."  We don't have the words, and neither do the animals, so we just spend time together.

For official therapy options, we are connected to several AAT "Animal Assisted Therapy" human-rabbit partners that will work with medical providers/therapists. 

Contact us for more information about "Bunny Therapy" opportunities.

SERVICE ANIMALS: The  American Disability Act (ADA)  defines a service animal as a DOG that provides assistance to a person with a disability by doing trained tasks or work for the person it is assigned to help. Examples: helping a blind person get around; helping a person with diabetes know when to take medication; helping a deaf person know when a smoke detector goes off.

Rabbits are not service animals.

Animal Assisted Activities (AAA)  and
  Animal Assisted Therapies (AAT)

                  AA(Activities)         AA(Therapies)

To Educate,.  Have fun
To  Improve patient health
Play, Learn, Interact.
No official therapy goals
Meet specific stated THERAPY goals
(physical * mental * social * behavioral )
Limited. paperwork
Detailed patient notes from therapy session
(Group or individual)
Community event; school;
private event setting
( Individual sessions)
Clinic, hospital, hospice,
Home health care setting

Facilitated activities, Q&A, 
Hands on learning

           Session activities are developed in concert with healthcare providers