Sam Kedem's Organic Nursery, Berry Farm & Orchard

12414 192st Street East, Hastings, MN 55033
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It's strawberry season at Sam Kedem's organic nursery, berry farm and orchard.
We are so pleased to have our bunnies visiting during the summer, near Hastings

about 30 minutes south of Twin Cities, straight down Highway 52.

Although you can come during normal business hours to the rose garden and gift
shop for fresh eggs, berries, honey, pies and jam, you need to pre-register to enjoy time with the bunnies.  This helps keep the group sizes intimate and lots of opportunities for you to play with the bunnies.  We out at birthdays and camps
a lot during the summer too, so this will help us plan to meet up with each other.


Drive to the farm and [ark in the gravel lot.
Walk past the garden shop, just right of the
chickens.  We will meet you there, give a container
for picking berries and then we will
walk out to the field together, pulling a wagon
of bunnies.  Please donate online or give us your
$25 donation at the beginning rather than in the
field...we've got our hands full out there.  Then
if you wish to pick more, pay for the rest back at
the garden shop when you are finished. 

* Your camera!!
* Wear long pants, long sleeves and closed-toe
   sturdy shoes (no sandals, flip flops etc).
* There's also limited shade in the berry fields
   so we strongly recommend you wear a hat. 
* Be sure to bring your own water bottles!

Cost is $25 / family or $15 individual which
includes 1 pint of organic berries that you
pick while visiting with our bunnies.  We'll
share all sorts of fun facts about rabbits.

If your family wishes to picnic or BBQ,
please let us know and we'll see if there is an opening near the rose garden.
Summertime is wonderful in Minnesota and we hope you'll get the family outdoors
and spend some time with us!

Berry Picking at the STEM Bunnies Garden