Our programs engage kids of all ages in active, fun "hands on - minds on" learning.  Our fuzzy friends and their youth handlers spark an interest in how the world around them works.  Our program demonstrates to our guests how STEM education, tools and careers can help solve challenges.  And yes we incorporate the arts too!

Our nonprofit organization specializes in creating opportunities for fun, experiential learning wrapped in a very cute, cuddly package through bunny lessons, camps, classes like our very popular "Little Vet" class, and fostering rabbits for up to 8 weeks while working through curriculum that reinforces grade-level state standards in STEM topics.  Both fostering and volunteering start the same way:  "Bunny Boot Camp."  You don't "join" STEM Bunnies but after getting trained, you can be part of our fun posse of 35 families who are the main staff you'll see at events.


This kid-run business is responsible for scheduling, holding board meetings, making bank deposits, working out the budget, and implementing the vet-approved rabbit care plan to ensure the best humane care. You've likely seen our staff dressed in all orange at the State Fair, the Renaissance Festival, and plenty of egg hunts....  We're like a combination of 4H/FFA, scouts, Junior Achievement, Interact (part of the Rotary) and science camp... we're always recruiting more kid and adult helpers.

The young people in our program learn through taking the rabbits to events like birthday parties, corporate "Alice in Wonderland" theme parties, and to senior centers where they lead a memory care program.

HISTORY: This program was dreamed up by a young boy named Caleb
who found 362 rabbits on Craigslist shortly after Easter and was determined to help save the bunnies.  His hypothesis was that by giving people the opportunity to play with rabbits they would stop buying one on impulse and stop the abandonment cycle.  The school and family-based foster program ensures the bunnies are well-loved and the events pay for the food/supplies to care for them.  
This vision has grown exponentially in two years with programs now in 7 states and over 3000 kids who've had a bunny class.
Plus our bunny garden playdates at Easter sells out... and with a waiting list of 42 preschools, and birthday parties every weekend, things are definitely HOPPING!

STEM Bunnies is a nonprofit organization with all decisions and leadership positions currently being filled by kids mostly 11-16 years old.  We still get our rabbits for events from Caleb, who is now 12 years old.  He founded and operates "Peacebunny Island" rabbitry that focuses on breeding endangered breeds and the big fuzzy angora rabbits; they get a gentle haircut four times a year and the angora hair clipplings are destined for a fashion designer. We're excited about the team advancing to the semifinals of the Minnesota Cup entrepreneur contest...

"People's Choice" Award
Minnesota Business Magazine

STEM Bunnies.


People's Choice Awards
Minnesota Business Magazine


During summer, we're on the road or at the farm, so email is best: Stembunnies@gmail.com         952-888-9544

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