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   Experiential life science education for kids: 
       Fun gateway to STEM learning & careers

        through fostering * classes/camps * volunteering

   * Bunnies and Berries:  Come pick strawberries & play with 
      our rabbits near Twin Cities   Click Here
   * Baskets of Bunnies:
Fun hands-on learning at your special event

   * Afternoons in theBunny Garden  Click for details 
   * "Little Vet" Bunny Clinic: Click Here  
   * Bunny Boot camp:  Click Here,
          Prerequisite class to volunteer or to foster a rabbit 

Rabbit Fostering:   Includes prerequisite 2 hour Bunny Boot Camp, monthly hare salon, and all  supplies needed to take one of our rabbits home for short term visit.  We want to prevent abandonment so this is to help good intentioned families try it out before they buy a rabbit and all the supplies .  Come get trained, ask questions and THEN we hope you will provide a forever home to one of the amazing animals waiting for adoption

* Classroom petschecked out by teachers.  We provide training and plenty of proven curriculum ideas.

 * Join 4H Rabbit Project -- Show one of our rabbits, join quiz bowl, train an agility rabbit.  We lease rabbits by the month.

* Rabbit Sales No offense but we won't sell you a rabbit unless you've been through our foster program.

* Volunteer Ambassadors:  Our STEM Bunnies ambassador program is great for 4th graders through adults.  Come attend Bunny Boot Camp and complete a volunteer application.  All adults volunteers are screened.  Earn cool thank you rewards.


                 OUR MISSION:

    Prepare  & Engage Students in STEM outdoors

    Preserve Endangered Heritage Breed Rabbits
    Prevent Pet Abandonment

    Provide Service in the Community

Learn about our fun "MISSION" to find and photograph endangered rabbits

Thank you to all the Rotary clubs who have connected with our program and for all the good they do in the world!